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Gestalt therapy is a present-centred, awareness-based therapy that stresses the development of client self-awareness and personal responsibility. The goal of Gestalt therapy is to raise clients’ awareness of their functioning in their environment (e.g. with family, at work). Gestalt therapy focuses on what is happening (moment-to-moment processes) rather than on what is being discussed (content). During therapy, clients become aware of what they are doing, how they are doing it, how they can change themselves and, at the same time, learn to accept and value themselves. According to this approach, clients define, develop and learn about themselves in relation to others and learn that they, as individuals, are constantly changing.

The Gestalt therapist pursues a relationship with the client that is respectful and attuned to the immediacy of what emerges between them. The focus is on describing and understanding the unique experience of clients, rather than interpreting and generalising their experience. Gestalt therapy utilises a variety of therapeutic techniques including dream work, drama, guided imagery, art, two-chair work, and movement.

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