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Mission and


Promoting and supporting high standards of ethical and professional practice among Clinical Psychologists who work in the private sector.


In relation to our clients: 

  • Promoting and supporting high standards of professional ethical practice amongst Clinical Psychologists in the private sector
  • Providing a network of mutual support amongst ICP members, and thereby supporting the best practice of our members when working with our clients
  • Providing information to the general public about Clinical Psychologists in private practice who have specific areas of expertise
  • Providing clear information to the public on the expertise, training and registration of our members with our professional regulation body (AHPRA Psychology Board)

In relation to ICP Members and the Profession:

  • Advancing the practice of Clinical Psychology
  • Encouraging harmonious relationships between Clinical Psychologists in private practice with colleagues in the public sector, other areas of endorsement, and members of related professions.
  • Provision of mentoring and supervision for Clinical Psychologists and Registrars. 
  • Negotiating with government, industry groups, other professional bodies, Medicare, Workcover, private health funds, public service, academic institutions, Department of Veteran Affairs, and other affiliated professional groups on all matters enhancing the private practice of Clinical Psychology.
  • Promoting training, skills and knowledge of present and future private practitioners of Clinical Psychology by means of seminars, workshops and other professional development activities.

In relation to Referrers, Government and other bodies:

  • Informing members of other professions, potential clients and patients, and the general public of the kinds of services available through Clinical Psychologists as well as the standards of service and conduct required of them.
  • Affiliating with professional associations or groups with mutual interests or aims.
  • Liaising with and advising the Psychology Board of Australia on matters relating to the registration and practice of Clinical Psychology.
  • Advocate for the expertise of Clinical Psychologists by discussing with appropriate authorities the reimbursement of Clinical Psychologists’ fees from private health benefit funds and government benefit funds, including Medicare and Veterans Affairs. 
  • Make submissions pertaining to the practice and place of Clinical Psychology in the Australian sphere of mental health and assessments.


Clinical psychologists believe in the basic goodness and worth of all, promote respect and acceptance of each other, and the necessity for individual responsibility for one’s own existence.