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We have many different types of relationships across our lives, including family, partners, friends, children, colleagues, teachers, neighbours and many more. Some relationships are close and impact our lives in important ways, and others more distant. Relationships have complexity and variety.

There are times when our personal relationships run smoothly, and we feel good when with these people. There are other times when relating feels more difficult, and tensions and misunderstandings can arise. Developing and maintaining happy and healthy relationships is not all smooth sailing, and at times can be very difficult. Learning ways of communicating more effectively with one another, and navigating through these difficult times can be daunting and challenging.

When important relationships become difficult, it can be helpful to seek the support and input of a Clinical Psychologist who can work on an individual basis one on one, or with couples, or families. Or, if you are looking to recover from a broken relationship, understand the pattern of your own relationships and what might be creating road blocks for you, or strategies for resolving conflict, some psychotherapy can be useful.