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Having and raising children is one of life’s greatest challenges and at the same time one of life’s greatest rewards.

Because children don’t come with a manual, parents are sometimes at a loss as to what to do and how to deal with the challenges that raising children can present. Clinical psychologists have an understanding of what constitutes normal child development and can both reassure parents when there are questions as to their child’s progress, and they can also help parents when a child’s behaviour or emotional adjustment presents problems for the child and the parents.

A Clinical psychologist can help parents establish positive, loving and close relationships with their children and can provide understanding as to what may be going wrong when things do go wrong. They can provide guidance and support as to what to do to get children and parents back on track so that the child can grow and develop into strong, independent, confident and contributing members of society.

Where there are specific developmental, emotional or behavioural problems, a clinical psychologist can provide an accurate assessment and diagnosis of the child’s condition so that the best treatment and management can be implemented. Clinical psychologists work with both parents and children in order to achieve the best outcome for the child, parents and family.