Levels & Fees

Membership includes:

  • Eligibility to attend all ICP activities: AGM, professional development, celebratory dinners, meetings etc.
  • Inclusion on the ICP website.
  • Inclusion in all printed and electronic referral lists, pamphlets and media articles.
  • Inclusion on the ICP’s internal print and electronic communications list.
  • Use of the private practice mentoring programme. Additional fees may apply in some instances.
  • Eligibility to access all current commercial benefits and special financial offers negotiated for members. Substantial financial benefits through the ICP’s ongoing negotiation with private health funds, the government and other relevant institutions.
  • Information concerning all professional matters e.g. Medicare management, insurance and legal matters.
  • Professional collegiality and networking with other Clinical Psychologists in private practice.
  • Enhanced profile with public and other professionals through being part of a well-respected, credible and ethical association.

Two membership levels available

ICP Full Membership

$195/yr inc GST

(1) Full membership of the Institute shall be restricted to:

a. Any person who holds a postgraduate Clinical Psychology degree and had been registered as a Specialist Clinical Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia prior to 18th October 2010 and from that date are duly endorsed as a Specialist Clinical Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia;


b. A person who holds an APAC-accredited postgraduate Clinical Psychology degree and is endorsed as a Clinical Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia;


c. who are currently in private practice;

The number of full members shall be unlimited. A full member is entitled to full voting rights.

ICP Associate Membership

$150/yr inc GST

(2) Associate membership of the Institute will be allowed to those persons who fulfil criteria 1a or 1b above or who are registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia as Clinical Psychologist Registrars who are or are not as yet in private practice, but who intend to be within a reasonable time.

The number of Associate members shall be unlimited. An Associate Member has no voting rights.

Other Memberships

The membership options below are bestowed by the Management Committee.

Life Membership

Life members shall be Full Members who meet life membership requirements as determined by the Management Committee.

The number of Life Members shall be limited to 10% of the total membership.

Life members shall have full voting rights and be excluded from the payment of fees.

Honorary Life Fellowship

Honorary Life Fellowships will be granted from time to time by the Management Committee.

An Honorary Life Fellow shall have no voting rights.


Fellowships will be given by the Institute to Full Members who have made outstanding contributions to the private practice of clinical psychology.

The number of Fellowships shall be limited to two (2) in any one year.

Fellows shall have full voting rights.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership shall be bestowed on such persons as visiting dignitaries in the field of psychology as determined by the Management Committee.

Honorary membership shall be for a term of one (1) year, and shall have no voting rights.

Why Join ICP?

The ICP is the only independent professional group of privately practicing Clinical Psychologists in WA. All members must be currently registered with the Psychology Board of Australia with the approved area of practice: Clinical Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist Registrar. The ICP was established more than three decades ago and has successfully advocated for the interests of its members and clinical psychology in general. Whilst many members are senior clinical psychologists in WA, the ICP welcomes newly trained clinicians and clinicians who are new to private practice.