How to apply for ICP Membership

Step by step

  1. Fill out the Membership Application Form
  2. Include the names of two Clinical psychologist referees who would be willing to provide professional reports for you. It is preferable for these two referees to be ICP members, but the ICP will accept non-member referees.
  3. The ICP may request comprehensive reports from your referees
  4. The ICP membership co-ordinator will process your application and if it is in order, will confirm your good standing with the Psychologists Board of WA
  5. The membership co-ordinator will then present your application to the ICP committee for acceptance
  6. The membership co-ordinator will write to inform you of your acceptance or non-acceptance for membership
  7. If you are accepted for membership, the treasurer will send you an invoice for the annual (or prorated) membership fee. Please note: The ICP does not offer a prorated fee structure in relation to terminating membership. e.g., If membership is terminated in the middle of a membership year, the full annual membership fee applies.
  8. Your membership will only become activated when your payment is received. You will not be entitled to access any ICP services or benefits until your fees are paid. e.g. inclusion on current referral pamphlets, website and referral lists.
  9. Members who fail to pay their annual fees on time will not be included on new referral lists and pamphlets and their names will be removed from current referral lists, pamphlets and the website.
  10. You are invited to contact the membership coordinator should you have any questions

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