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Australia’s ADHD explosion: Awareness or overdoing it?

Prescriptions for ADHD have more than doubled in five years, with more than 400,000 Australians on medication for the disorder.

Clearly, the need to explore why the rate of diagnoses has climbed so rapidly is at the centre of future plans for mental health management.

Institute of Clinical Psychologists President Marjorie Collins told Julie-Anne Sprague on 6PR Afternoons there are a lot more people either becoming aware of their own symptoms, or at least getting in contact with professionals who can help them when they are struggling.

“Even people in their sixties as well are coming in for their first assessments of ADHD and being found to in fact have had ADHD their entire lives, which has happened in their life in one way or the other,” Dr Collins said. 

Australia’s ADHD explosion: awareness or overdoing it?