New ICP Website

Over the past several months, the Institute of Clinical Psychologists’ Management Committee have been working together with INCUB8 Web Design to design and build a brand-new website.

The new website contains relevant content for the general public looking to find a Clinical Psychologist, for our ICP members (including a dedicated membership area and Membership Directory), and for other health professionals looking to refer their patients to a mental health professional.

The content covered is comprehensive, and we have tried to give relevant industry advice over a broad range of topics, but of course we can’t cover everything! However, we view our new website as a constantly-evolving tool, and we intend to continually update our site with new content as time goes on.

You can keep up to date with ICP by signing up to our Mailing List (you can find the form at the bottom of our Home Page, or on the Contact Page).

More about our Members Area

The Members Areas of our new website is quite extensive, and includes all the information a prospective or current member of the ICP needs – from content on the benefits of joining ICP, our application process, and membership levels and fees information.

There is also a Member Login area where members can easily access their membership profiles (displayed in our Membership Directory).

We encourage our members to contact us if they have any difficulties using or accessing this area of the website.

More about our Resources Area

Our Resources area contains information on Mental Health Issues and the different Therapeutic Modalities used by Mental Health Professionals to treat these issues. This section of the website is by no means exhaustive but we hope that we have included the most common issues and modalities encountered in the industry.