The ICP is the only independent professional group of privately practicing Clinical Psychologists in WA All members must be currently registered with the Psychology Board of Australia with the approved area of practice: Clinical Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist Registrar. The ICP was established two decades ago and has successfully advocated for the interests of its members Whilst many members are senior clinical psychologists in WA, the ICP welcomes newly trained clinicians and clinicians who are new to private practice

WHAT ARE THE OBJECTIVES OF THE ICP? To advance the private practice of Clinical Psychology in WA. To negotiate with government, the APS, Medicare, Workcover, private health funds, public service, academic institutions, other professional groups and whomever relevant, on all matters enhancing the private practice of Clinical Psychology in WA. To discuss with appropriate authorities the reimbursement of Clinical Psychologists’ fees from private health benefit funds and government benefit funds – Medicare. To promote the training, skills and knowledge of present and future private practitioners of Clinical Psychology by means of seminars, workshops and other professional development activities. To promote and maintain high standards of professional ethics amongst private Clinical Psychologists in WA. To inform members of other professions, potential clients and patients, and the general public of the kinds of services available through private Clinical Psychologists as well as the standards of service and conduct required of them. To affiliate with professional associations or groups with mutual interests or aims. To have liaison with and to advise the Psychology Board of Australia on matters relating to the registration and practice of Clinical Psychology. To encourage harmonious relationships between Clinical Psychologists in private practice and members of related professions. To provide private practice mentoring and to prepare information about management and fee structures of a practice for those Clinical Psychologists already in private practice and those intending to commence private practice.

WHAT ARE THE ICP MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES? Full Membership Full voting rights   Specialist title registration with the Psychology Board of Australia with the approved area of practice: Clinical Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist Registrar. Major source of income is derived from private practice conducted from rooms set up for this purpose   Associate Membership No voting rights Academic and professional qualifications meet the criteria for full membership Clinical work is predominantly done for an employer where the employer grants the applicant the right of private practice outside the office and hours of the employing institution OR Academic and professional requirements meet the criteria for Clinical Psychologist (Registrar) In private practice or not yet in private practice, but intend to commence private practice within a reasonable time period Life Membership   Fellow Membership   Honorary Life Membership  

WHAT ARE THE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES? Membership Type Fee GST Total Fee (Incl. GST) Full Membership $150.00 Associate Membership $100.00 Life Membership $0.00  Fellow Membership $0.00    Honorary Life Membership  $0.00      

WHAT DOES THE MEMBERSHIP FEE INCLUDE? Eligibility to attend all ICP activities: AGM, professional development, celebratory dinners, meetings etc. Inclusion on the ICP website. Inclusion in all printed and electronic referral lists, pamphlets and media articles. Eligibility to include entries in the ICP’s annual Yellow Pages block advertisement. Additional fees apply. Inclusion on the ICP’s internal print and electronic communications list. Use of the private practice mentoring programme. Additional fees may apply in some instances. Eligibility to access all current commercial benefits and special financial offers negotiated for members. Substantial financial benefits through the ICP’s ongoing negotiation with private health funds, the government and other relevant institutions. Information concerning all professional matters e.g. Medicare management, insurance and legal matters. Professional collegiality and networking with other Clinical Psychologists in private practice. Enhanced profile with public and other professionals through being part of a well respected, credible and ethical association.  

ICP MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION AND FEE PROCEDURES 1. Fill out the Membership Application Form 2. Include the names of two Clinical psychologist referees who would be willing to provide professional reports for you. It is preferable for these two referees to be ICP members, but the ICP will accept non-member referees. 3. The ICP may request comprehensive reports from your referees 4. The ICP membership co-ordinator will process your application and if it is in order, will confirm your good standing with the Psychologists Board of WA 5. The membership co-ordinator will then present your application to the ICP committee for acceptance 6. The membership co-ordinator will write to inform you of your acceptance or non-acceptance for membership 7. If you are accepted for membership, the treasurer will send you an invoice for the annual (or prorated) membership fee. Please note: The ICP does not offer a prorated fee structure in relation to terminating membership. e.g., If membership is terminated in the middle of a membership year, the full annual membership fee applies. 8. Your membership will only become activated when your payment is received. You will not be entitled to access any ICP services or benefits until your fees are paid. e.g. inclusion on current referral pamphlets, website and referral lists. 9. Members who fail to pay their annual fees on time will not be included on new referral lists and pamphlets and their names will be removed from current referral lists, pamphlets and the website. 10. You are invited to contact the membership co-ordinator should you have any questions

HOW DO I TERMINATE MY ICP MEMBERSHIP? Any member who wants to terminate his/her membership must inform the ICP committee in writing. Members who do not inform the committee in writing of the termination of their membership remain responsible for paying the annual membership fee. The ICP does not offer a prorata fee structure in relation to the time of terminating membership. e.g. If membership is terminated in the middle of a membership year, the full annual membership fee applies. Following receipt of a letter of termination, the committee will send out a letter confirming the membership termination.  

ICP Membership Application Form PDF